Naked Luxury Soap Bar

Barras Jabón Artesanal

Naked Premium Soap Bar

La Barra reformulada a base de neem y shea butter es la barra de jabón que estás buscando si tu piel es extremadamente sensible. Limpia y nutre tu cuerpo con seguridad a base de aceites vegetales y sin ningún aditivo o colorante que afecte la sensibilidad de tu piel.

Scent: Unscented

Fits: Every skin type (perfect for sensitive)

Oil Base Ingredients:

Olive oil + coconut oil + shea butter + castor
oil + neem oil

BJA effectiveness disclosure:

The intention of our soap bars will always be the safe cleaning of your skin. We know that using a product made with natural ingredients has powerful consequences on the skin, however, handmade soap is not a medical treatment. In the description of each product we list the ingredients in order to inform how we have enriched our soap recipe and what its characteristics are. We always recommend that you use soaps according to your skin type and preferences. Barras is much more than just soap, it's a fun experience. The positive results that you can see over the time are a set of benefits that our very-carefully-made recipes bring to your skin.

How to make your soap last longer?

You can cut your soap bar in two.

How to care for your soap?

To take the best possible care to extend the life of your handmade soap you can use a draining soap dish that will keep the soap dry. You can also just let it dry in a flat area that would not gather water.


If you have a very sensitive skin and it starts to itch, it means this
bar has intense properties for daily use in your skin type. We recommend you
intermittent use. If it continues, stop immediately. By the fresh and handcrafted nature of these bars, patterns and shapes may vary by batch.

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