Acné Treatment for Oily + Sensitive Skin

Acné Treatment for Oily + Sensitive Skin

Barras Jabón Artesanal
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Recommended for sensitive + oily skin

With this combo you will have the experience of a full spa at home. Includes: 1 Full size Dead Sea Clay Soap Bar + 1 Dead Sea Clay + Charcoal Face Mask

 Instructions 📌

1st: Use the face mask by following the package instructions. This face mask will last at least 5 portions. With a small spoon 🥄 take a bit and mix it with your liquid of preference (destiled water, milk, honey, rose water). Once having creamy texture, apply in the face areas you want to work with. You can use a small brush.


2nd: Let the face mask on for about 10 minutes.


3rd: Wash it out with your #Barras. 


4th: Repeat twice a week.


This is a collaboration with The Bag Puerto Rico.