Alpha Shaving Bar for Him

Barras Jabón Artesanal

Aceite de coco + Carbón Activado (Coconut oil + activated charcoal)

 Scent: Male perfume

Full size = 3.5+ onz.

Sample = 0.50+ onz.

Fits: normal / sensitive skin
+ antiseptic

+ anti-inflamatory (pores)

+ anti-acné

+ creamy (perfect for shaving) 

Oil Base Ingredients: Olive oil + coconut oil + cocoa butter + palm oil + castor oil + mineral (activated charcoal) + scent

Important: if you have a very sensitive skin and it starts to itch, it means this mineral has intense properties for daily use in your skin type. We recommend you intermittent use. If it continues, stop immediately.
By the fresh & handcrafted nature of these bars, patterns and shapes may vary by batch.


Confia en Dios con todo tu corazón.

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