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BJA Packaging Alternatives

    BJA goes beyond making a lot of bubbles ... Barras Jabón Artesanal respects your ideals and supports the efforts to take care of the environment. This is why #TeamBarras has implemented the new Low Waste option. A few days ago we implemented it and many of our customers already had the opportunity to place their order with this option and they loved it. This low waste packaging, contrary to the regular packaging, will take the product without a label, wrapped in kraft paper and without physical promotions. We will be reducing the waste of paper and plastic. Also, the low waste concept will prevent the production of unnecessary waste in the shipping path, so it will be sent in completely reused packaging.

     Our standard packaging options are very branded. Starting on march 2020 we have decided to give our regular packaging a yellow twist that
 plays along with our beautiful brand. If you choose to receive our regular package you're going toreceive your soap bars with each paper label wrapped in a very yellow tissue paper and a lot of promo goodies inside our Barras signature mailers. We recommend that, even receiving this type of packaging, use the appropriate means to recycle the plastic as it is a way of contributing to the environment. Recycle: the action or process of converting waste into reusable material.


















Quick Question & Answer:

Q: How do I choose my packaging preferences?

A: If you want to receive our standard option you don't have to do anything, just put the order and that's it. If you want our low waste option, you can go to the bottom of our home page and add to the cart the low waste packaging.

Q: The standard option is recyclable?

A: Yas!

Q: The low waste option are packaged in reused boxes?

A: Yes, you can receive your soaps in very funky-daily-used reused boxes.


BJA packaging is fun! If you choose low waste don't be scared if your soap bars arrive in a corn flake box! Reduce + reuse with your new low waste alternatives and chill with your very handcrafted soap bars.



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